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The role an automatic defense system in preventing extreme situations


Роль автоматической системы защиты в предотвращении экстремальных ситуаций


Муминов Бобурбек,

Абдуллаев Камолиддин,

Рахимов Достон,

Тухташев Алишер,

студенты факультета энергетики Ферганского политехнического института.


Устройства защиты от срабатывания работают, когда электрическое устройство повреждено или аномально. Наиболее опасная и наиболее распространенная травма - короткое замыкание. Короткое замыкание аннулирует нормальную работу системы электропитания. В частности, синхронные генераторы, компенсаторы и электродвигатели могут быть синхронизированы и потреблены. Чтобы свести к минимуму риск травмирования и снизить риск получения травмы, важно быстро обнаружить короткое замыкание и разобрать поврежденный элемент.

Ключевые слова: электрический ток, напряжение, релейная защита, электродвигатель, воздушная линия, схема обмена, фаза, трансформатор.


This article is considered the use of relay protection and automatics to ensure reliable and cost-effective operation of the power system and to automate the use of non-normal media.

The relay lock is a part of an automated system that ensures reliable and cost-effective operation of the power system, and serves to eliminate the malfunctions and malformations in the electrical system automatically. The relay lock continuously controls the state and operating modes of the protected energy system element, and is activated when there is a risk of injury or unusual regimen.

When the power system is damaged, the relay protection detects the damaged element and separates it from the undamaged part of the system by exposure to special shutoffs intended for disconnecting the currents.

When there is an abnormal regime, relay locks perform the necessary functions or send the radiant signal to controller.

Automated devices are designed for fast automatic maintenance of automated system. The main automation devices are Automatic reboot (AR) automatic backup (AB) and automatic overclocking (AO).

Main features of electricity management system are instant occurrence of procedures in them and the possibility of accidents of crushing in extreme situations. Therefore, it is necessary to automatically manage automated control of the software. For that various automatic controls are used. Among them, one of the main is automatic relay lock devices.

The relay protection devices operate when the electrical device is damaged or works abnormally. The most dangerous and most common injury is short circuit. Short-circuiting can be between phase phases of electrical equipment or in electrical networks with neutral ground. In addition, short-circuit and phase-related complications may also occur. In addition to the electrical wiring and transformers, there is a possibility of an outbreak of a single circuit.

As a result of the ignition, the normalization of the electrically charged gas is normalized. In particular, it is important for synchronous users, consumers to make synchronous, compensators and electric motors. Dynamic effects of intercourse can be greatly predetermined.

Avoidance of traffic accidents is a serious obstacle to the improvement of the quality of transport services. Separation of individual cases has been acknowledged during the time period. This type of disagreement is unnatural. You may not use the appliance to protect yourself from injuries or other damages.

Relay protection is a special hardware solution. In some cases, the switchgear can be switched on or off.

When neutralization is carried out, the reactor can not be used as a gas-fired reactor, nor is it capable of generating hydrocarbons. In the case of the case, there is no indication that the electrical current can be used. However, it does not detect the state of the image, but it does not need to be overwritten, so it does not work. This is the reason why you should be aware of this problem. Protection from relay protection. Only at shortages, for example, large-scale hydropower plants can not be operated by mining or mining industries, but may be interrupted.

In some cases, it is important to keep up with the inkwashing and debugging of electrical equipment. It is important to avoid diminishing the risk of sudden infiltration from corrosion. Experiments for Experimental Initiatives

Except for the protection provided by the application, the protection against the use of a copy of the certificate shall be considered as invalid.

In electrical appliances, the protection from the ignition is carried out separately. Whenever this alarm comes to pass, the operating personnel will be able to carry out the transfer. In the non-operative environment, the protection of the consumers from environmental degradation can be avoided by reducing the risk of radioactive waste.

The default setting for the current timeframe is the equivalent of the default setting. Such a regime may be the result of shortcuts and may be used for the browsing of crashes. As a result, there will be no over-current. In the case of vacancy, there are variations in the inheritance. In fact, it is important to avoid rebels. Normal conjugation is applied to the specialization automatics (AQA). The AQA scans do not have an in-call logging system. It is noteworthy that consumers are not only vulnerable to rectification, but also to ensure that consumers do not have access to electricity. In the same way, the electromagnetic resonance imaging (Figure 1.1).

The distribution network (TP) is the same as the section on the tire. The QZ switch between the section will be switched on. Suppliers (TM) will only be required to opt-in. When the TP can be safeguarded from the supply, it will be equipped with the power supply.

Connect the power supply to the power supply terminal (RMA) device by connecting the section closure.


Picture 1.1. Consolidation dashboard.


Automation of power supply systems increases the reliability of the transmission and distribution of electricity and provides operative prevention in case of injury. The function of automatic control systems used in power supply systems is as follows:

Ø    breaking of the damaged element or part quickly or separation from another undamaged part;

Ø     To receive inaccurate information;

Ø     Fast recovery of consumers by consumers, disassembly of the source of the accident; providing consumers with established voltage;

Ø    reset synchronization;

Ø    Active power generation in the power system, which eliminates and reduces consumer intensity.

The use of air-tuning circuits may indicate that the use of a wide range of applications can not be avoided, ie the linearity of the linearization of the line. Repeated AutoRecord (AQU) is performed on the device.

Generally, electric shock absorbers are used for electric shock.


For example, consumers' equity can only be adjusted to an acceptable value, so that the benefits of the consumer electronics industry are limited. In the end, it is important for the energy system to be stable in the absence of energy efficiency. Operative personnel can quickly and effectively disassociate themselves from drug abuse. These types of switches are for automatic devices. For example, automatic frequency tuning (AChE) will be enabled.

Looking at the list of consumers of electricity in the valley, most consumers are consumers of I and II categories, and 92-93% of electricity is supplied through the air line. This will increase the demand for reliability of electricity supply. Given the fact that the aftershocks are in the range of the second, protection of the relay protection and emergency protection devices at the same time protection of the high voltage air lines against abnormal regimes must protect the object specified when the main protection fails.




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